breaking the 4th wall

breaking the 4th wall

4th wall - breaking the 4th wall

dedicated to


angels wanted to
wear her red shoes

"though lovers be lost
love shall not and
death shall have
no dominion"

"not to complain,
we’re just bereft,
not deserted
Lord knows
your rest was deserved
It’s just
your absence is present
in all that I do"

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the blogosphere since
December 6th 2007.

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if these walls could talk

"It's hard to live baby,
still I think it's the best bet."

Patty Griffin

we're rolling

why, oh why?

Why write a blog?
Gotta try everything once.
It's mainly gonna serve as
a little movie and music
history for myself, I guess.

Why write in English?
Why not? Most of my friends
don't speak German and this
blog is mainly for my friends.

That said, ...
Kommentiert doch in whatever
language you like. Preferably
aber eine, die ich halbwegs
verstehe, sonst wird's
schwer zu antworten.


Things I'd like to...
listen to,

against the wall


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